Introducing the Family Wellness Kit!


Scroll down to see the EXCITING welcome gifts!

This is such an exciting new kit available for new Wellness Advocates or Wholesale Customers! Click the link to see the steps to signing up as a wholesale customer. 

Here’s what you will get:

Lifelong Vitality pack: $106.00 retail value /  $79.50 wholesale (click here to read more about the LLV multivitamin – fish oil pack. Now with lemon peel folate instead of the synthetic folic acid)

Kid’s a2z chewable multi-vitamins (updated formula and flavor!): $26.00 retail value / $19.50 wholesale

PB assist Jr (probiotics for kids): $32.67 retail value / $24.50 wholesale

NEW Emotional Aromatherapy Touch rollersCheer Uplifting blend & Peace Reassuring blend:   $21.67 retail / $16.25 wholesale & $24.00 retail / $ 18.25 wholesale

Click here to learn more about the new products released October 3rd! 

AND the Touch roller pre-diluted kit (click here for more info on the Touch kit & uses):

Frankincense roller: $60.67 retail value / $45.50 wholesale

On Guard Protective blend:$28.00 retail value/ $21.00 wholesale

Melaleuca (tea tree) roller: $16.67 retail value / $12.50 wholesale

Deep Blue Soothing blend: $55.67 retail value/ $41.75 wholesale

Breathe Respiratory blend: $17.33 retail value / $13.00 wholesale

Peppermint roller: $18.00 retail value / $13.50 wholesale

DigestZen Digestive blend: $27.00 retail value/ $20.25 wholesale

Lavender roller: $18.33 retail value/ $13.75 wholesale

Included in the kit cost – Introductory product and wholesale membership fee of $35.00

Total retail cost for this kit with the wholesale membership included for a year of 25% off retail = $487.00!! You pay $275.00 for this whole kit – saving you $212.00! Just like the Home Essentials kit – when you buy in bulk you get the best deal!

PLUS special welcome gifts from me for just this kit…. for the first 10 people who sign up with this NEW kit – I will send a 15ml bottle of Citrus Bliss Invigorating blend plus a SPA Vapor diffuser so you can start diffusing right away!

Email me with any questions:

If you would like to view other popular starter kit options, click here! I am so excited for you to join our Oil Fam team!


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