Day of oils!

If you haven’t started with oils yet…you may be thinking to yourself…”what is going on?” No they aren’t a trend and they will not be going away ANYTIME soon! Some of us have been using them for decades…the results we have seen and how they make us feel makes us want to shout it from the rooftops! So here it goes…these practical little brown bottles of plant magic are effective, natural, and life-changing. Check them out and you will understand…then you will become a crazy oil lady like me 😜 Seriously, as a mama and human these oils have saved me on the daily…BASICALLY I use the oils for EVERYTHING…read on…


Starting from the very beginning of my day…I am using these plant gifts to get it started right!

-Brush my teeth with OnGuard Whitening toothpaste. We love ALL things OnGuard…including the foaming hand wash soap + refills. Now, the OnGuard floss, OnGuard throat drops, OnGuard cleaner concentrate, and OnGuard + soft gels if we aren’t feeling 100%!


-Diffuse Elevation Joyful blend or any citrus oils/peppermint to wake up!!




-If I slept on my neck wrong or have any head tension – I roll on peppermint touch toller or Deep Blue Soothing blend! (PastTense tension blend is amazing too!)


-I make a morning protein shake of TerraGreens green drink mix and doterra’s Chocolate protein shake with a frozen banana/almond milk



-WHEN I get a chance to take a shower: I use a TON of doTERRA products! I use the shampoo and condition with Wild Orange + Lime oil. Smells delicious! Then when I get out of the shower I use the smoothing serum and the healthy hold glaze before I style my hair (most days I air dry it and it looks/smells great!) plus the amazing body wash!


-I use the plant-based Verage skin care line especially the moisturizer and the Immortelle Hydrating serum before applying make-up


-I use doterra’s natural deodorant and love it!


-To start my day out right I apply either Cheer Uplifting blend, Elevation Joyful blend, and InTune Focus blends! My natural purefumes!




-Depending on what’s going that day: outside with bugs – TerraShield outdoor blend



If if we do get bit by bugs we use the lavender or melaleuca (tea tree) touch rollers for minor owies as well. We love the correct-x essential ointment.



I use these Touch pre-diluted rollers for various situations that come up…see below.Β image

As well as you can make your own rollerballs for everyday issues like teething to help the kids relax, sleep, and as a natural option to reduce soreness. I also make my own On Guard hand sanitizer (see below)



On Guard hand sanitizer when we are out and about. Spray all the surfaces at stores and restaurants (any public places!)


I love the WHOLE spa line…






-For toddler tantrums and big emotions – I love Balance grounding blend rollerball or Peace reassuring blend. Any of the emotional aromatherapy oils as needed


-ClaryCalm women’s monthly blend if hormones are running high or its that time of the month


-If we are feeling under the weather – ALL the immune boosting oils and respiratory support throughout the day




– I continue to diffuse throughout the day…depending on moods, energy, etc.

-my Lifelong Vitality multivitamins and other supplements with food at lunch time or around there. Perfect for an energy boost in the middle of the day!


-The kids take their multivitamins, probiotics, and fish oils as well daily!




A new probiotic formulated just for kids! Dr. Parker tested this on his 5 children and they got the flavor just right. πŸ‰πŸ“They used European technology for the encapsulation process to protect the live cells from your stomach acid, giving your children the most benefits!
More info on PB Assist JR:
– 6 strains of bacteria β€” well studied in children (much more than other probiotic products like yogurt)
– Each pack includes at least 5 billion live cells (can be up to 10 billion depending on the shelf life)
– Includes Prebiotic fibers
– Digestive support.
– Immune support.
– 30 sachets per box.
– Pixie stick like packaging (perfect for on the go!)
– Sugar free! No artificial colors or flavors!
– Delicious strawberry/melon flavorπŸ‰πŸ“ I love the taste!

-Each probiotic strain is micro- encapsulated using a new technology, which gently wraps each live bacteria cell so that your body is able to receive all of them. Happy gut makes for a healthy life! Can’t wait until these are officially out in October 3rd so I can stock up!!

If I have any stomach upset going DigestZen digestive blend roller or the Digestzen tablets – especially depends on what I have been eating for lunch and dinner


Night time:

doTERRA’s spa body butter for the kids after baths especially for my 2-year-olds dry skin


-I use a Frank and Lavender roller for emotional and immune support as well as to calm down for bed on the kids feet (on the bottoms) and then rolled up their spines. What I love about oils is that you can adjust depending on what’s going on physically and emotionally




-diffusing Serenity Restful blend in all the rooms at nap and bed time – 30 minutes before bed to set the tone. Dab on their PJ’s, stuffed animals, and sheets. I apply to my feet every night to calm my mind and get better quality sleep!


image An updated Serenity Calming blend now named Restful blend (includes Cedarwood, Ho Wood, and Vetiver for extra sleepy time effects). A new product β€” Serenity Restful Complex soft gels with Lavender and other goodness – backed by a certified clinical sleep study. These two go hand-in-hand for the best night of sleep EVER! πŸ’œπŸ’€πŸ’œ


-Lastly, remove my make up with fractionated coco oil and use the verage immortelle hydrating serum one last time. Like a drink of water for your face! I brush my teeth with my On Guard tooth paste and the last thing is the Serenity on my feet (see above!)



Every day, I clean with essential oils especially the On Guard cleaner concentrate. Love it! Affordable and natural for your babies and 4-legged babies.


SO as you can see…I use these oils and products for everything to help keep my household running smoothly and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I just wanted to give you an example of how I use them everyday!

If you have any questions about the oils – message me :

You can get started here – these are popular bundles to give you a variety of oils to be able to make your own rollers, diffuse, and care for you & your family! Click the hyperlinks below to read more on each one!

Family Essentials kit

Family Wellness kit

AromaTouch diffused kit

Home Essentials kit

or we can discuss an oil plan for you to just purchase a couple of important oils. Whatever works! I hope to talk with you soon!


More info: skip the store and bathroom makeover




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