March BOGOs are back!!


We know all of the oils coming in the BOGO box but we don’t know how they will be paired throughout the week. So you can get the BOGO box on Monday and if you would like an additional set of any of the daily deals…you could order those throughout the week!


You can purchase the daily deal each day as its announced or you can buy a brand new BOGO box to save on shipping and get your GET oils ahead of time!


You get the idea…read below on how it works and more details will be available on our Oil Fam Community FB group (if you are a member) or on our public Team BOGO group. You can find the group HERE


So each day they will announce a new BOGO like the ones I listed above and you can only purchase that daily BOGO until midnight MST. They are limit 5 per account so you can combine with friends & family, give as gifts or hoard them all to yourself like I do! ha. Each day will be different starting from this Monday, March 22nd to Saturday, March 27th!

Oils in the BOGO box. Pay for 5 oils, get 13 for FREE! Plus, you get a FREE Rosemary oil with the BOGO box so 14 oils. Such a great deal! 



This is the perfect time to get your own wholesale account to maximize your savings with the 25% off retail wholesale discount. The wholesale account is like a holistic Costco membership that is $35 for the year (click this link to read more and to join our Oil Fam Community) No required purchases through the year. Just whenever you need a refill! Plus, this month you get FREE Citrus Bliss invigorating blend and mini diffuser with a $100 starter oil. Message me for details!

To get the free oils listed above, click here


So join the BOGO group linked above and let’s have some fun! Message me with any questions:

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