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We would love to have you join our “Oil Fam” community!

Check out the current October freebies – click here!

Click here to see our community FB page and IG page for daily education + support! We also have a private group that we do monthly raffles of oils, spa products, and diffusers JUST FOR OUR MEMBERS!

As most of you know…I started using these oils as just a user in March of 2009 (10 YEARS ALREADY!!) and then naturally started sharing in 2012 which turned into a business in 2014.

So you can see that there is no requirement to share the oils but something you may organically fall into because you can’t help but share how effective they are. But TRULY No requirement ever!

Read on to see more about the benefits of being a wholesale member in our community….

BENEFITS TO GETTING A (25% OFF RETAIL) WHOLESALE ACCOUNT – if you are ready to get started…click here!

*There are many benefits to having your own wholesale account – 25% off retail is the big one. You will also be able to take advantage of more free oils + products through monthly promotions some are for LRP rewards members and some 200PV promotions are for all LRP/Standard one- time orders.

(LRP Rewards orders are Completely OPTIONAL but truly the best way to build + maintain your oil collection) – READ MORE ON LRP REWARDS BENEFITS – click here.

*Plus, by starting your oily journey in our community…you will get full support and education on our PRIVATE Oil Fam Community group for just us! I am currently training to be a Certified Aromatherapist to support my team to use their oils safely & effectively.

What you WON’T be required to do…

*NO selling required – even I don’t consider what I do selling – just sharing this amazing gift. If you are interested in sharing the oils and making an income…click here to read my Wellness Advocate info post! 

*NO additional purchases required either. Just order whenever you need oils. Whether that be every 2 months or 6 months or once a year! I have a problem keeping my order under $200 every month but thats because I have replaced all my personal care items, household items, and supplements with doTERRA products! See more about what I have replaced by CLICKING HERE.

If you are ready to go, please use the wholesale step-by-step link with the instructions on how to get your own wholesale account!

HOORAY! This is another wonderful month to get started with doTERRA!

Let me just say first, You don’t have to do any of the below kit suggestions…you can just order any random oils you want to make the 100PV or 200PV enrollment. However, the reason we suggest these kits is because they are the best value with the best variety of oils to get you started on a more natural self-care path.

They also include your wholesale membership fee ($35.00) in the cost and the Home Essentials kit comes with its own diffuser…making it an even better deal! okay, read on 🙂

For info on the most popular starter kits: the Family Essentials kit and the Home Essentials kit, click here. OR check out the NEW Family Wellness kit, click here. 

 Or click here to view the Touch Kit info.

FOR NEW MEMBERS! (see below for your free oil welcome gifts and oil uses!)

For 100PV enrollment or Family Essentials kit:

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 The Family Essentials kit is in the one I started with in 2009!

+ Wholesale membership is included- $35.00 fee is included in kit cost for 25% off (with Family Essentials Kit purchase)

+ Plus a FREE Welcome gift for joining our Oil Fam Community! Your choice of On Guard drops or Breathe drops! Plus a welcome package!

+ Family Essentials kit comes with an On Guard + Peppermint beadlets

Join with a Home Essentials kit or a Touch roller kit – and get all of the following below for FREE!

Home Essentials kit includes a Petal diffuser!

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Touch kit:Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.29.43 PM

+ Wholesale membership is included- $35.00 fee is included in kit cost for 25% off (with Home Essentials kit purchase – not included with Touch kit)

+ Welcome gift for joining our Oil Fam Community! Your choice of On Guard or Breathe drops! My favorite natural “candies” that make you healthier.

+ an EXTRA Petal diffuser with Home Essentials kit purchase

+ this month only, THREE FREE Products!!

Learn more about the free products…by clicking here. 

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Ways to get started and more info below:

Family Essentials kit/Home Essentials kit info – click here

AromaTouch Diffused kit info – click here

Family Wellness kit info – click here

OR you can purchase any random set of oils you would like – the wholesale membership ($35 fee) will not be waived. As with the kits the $35 is included…when you bundle with a kit you save money!
Wholesale Pricing
Education & Mentorship
Customizable Welcome Package
Exclusive Monthly Team Raffles
Community Support
Fun and Opportunity

**see the comparison between Family Essentials kit and Home Essentials kit and what a great value the extra diffuser and larger bottles are from the Home Essentials kit!( Click here for the comparison)

You can also choose your own set of starter oils to qualify for the 100PV or 200PV welcome gifts, please see my website for a product list or email me directly with questions of what oils would work for you:

We would love to have you as apart of our community – If you are ready to go, please use the wholesale step-by-step link with the instructions on how to sign up. When you have successfully completed the purchase of the Family Essentials (or 100 PV enrollment order) or Home Essentials kit (or Touch kit, Family Wellness kit)…please email me with your address so I can send you some info and your corresponding welcome package. Thank you!

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As always, I appreciate you taking the time to look into these natural solutions for you and those you love. I also SO appreciate you support my mama-run business…it means the world to me! Email me anytime with questions and I look forward to working with you on your oily journey! You are going to love these oils so much and truly wonder what you ever did without them.







READ ALL OF THE SPECIFIC DETAILS BELOW! Message me with any questions!

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Okay so basically here is the LRP (Loyalty Reward Program) in a nutshell (LRP = MONTHLY WELLNESS BOX DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR!)

PV means Product Value and is most of the time dollar for dollar with the oil amount for example On Guard is $32.00 and is also 32PV but in some cases like a diffuser it is not the case. You can cancel this LRP program at any time however you will lose any points you gained so make sure to redeem them before you do.

You need to be at 1-49PV just to maintain the account but will not accrue any points or gain percentages towards the 30% back.

You need to be at 50PV to accrue points and move from 10% up to 15% up to 20% up to 25% up to 30% of your order back (see the above chart). I am currently at 30% and its awesome because of every $100 you spend you $30 back in oil credits. I love it!

If you are a Wellness Advocate…you need to maintain a 100PV 

OR If you are a Wholesale Customer/WA you will want to do a 125PV LRP order before the 15th of the month to get the FREE Product of the Month (that changes every month – exciting!) along with the 10% off product of the month!

OR click this link to see items to purchase from doTERRA instead of store bought items – you will see that you can re-direct your spending and start buying everyday products and getting rewarded with free oil credits! Plus, these products are all-natural and better for you and your family! So many benefits!

MORE ON THE FREE PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: You need to be at 125PV to get the Free Product of the Month and you need to order before the 15th of the month. All shipping through LRP comes back to you in the form of free oil points…you will see the points on your account the following 15th of the month on your page.

Sidenote: there are also times like in April that they did a Deep Blue oil & muscle rub promotion ($80.00 retail value) for any 200PV order so that would be a good time to stock up on a larger order so you can get the promotion that month.

FIRST: Wholesale customers/wellness advocates will head to and then login in with their customer ID # & password from when they signed up. On the upper right hand of the screen once you are logged on it will say, “create a new LRP order” and then ask you to pick a date. Note that you can change the date at anytime throughout the month…in order to get the free product of the month orders need to be 125PV and placed before the 15th of the month.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 4.25.00 PM.png where you log on to order!

NEXT: Add the items you want to purchase into your LRP order and you can choose to “Process Order Now” or you can let the order process on the date you chose. This program is very flexible as you can see above, there are no requirements unless you want to continue advancing toward the 30% back percentage and if you want any of the free product of the month or monthly commissions.

LAST: This is the most cost effective way combined with having the wholesale account to get doTERRA oils. Make sure you change your order every month for what you will need and you can always cancel this program should you decide it’s not for you. Now that I am at 30% back of all my orders…I will not be going anywhere! Also you can do up to 10 LRP orders a month which is awesome because of the shipping rewards program that doTERRA just started in May where you get free oil credits for what you are spending on shipping. Amazing!

You might want to let your points add up a few months so that you can get a free oil like an On Guard or a Serenity. And you can always call doTERRA’s customer service (their number is 801-615-7200) to ask a question. They have amazing customer service!

Email me if you need help signing up for the LRP or if you have additional questions:

Here is a perfect example of how awesome the LRP program is…$266.17 worth of free oils all from the oils I would have been purchasing anyways! I always like to try new oils and products I haven’t tried before with my free oil credits. (see below)

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